Best Word Counter Tool For Blogger With Readability Score

Best Word Counter Tool For Blogger With Readability Score

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Words & Characters Count Tool for Blogger

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 If you are new blogger and have started your blogging journey recently, you will very well know about the articles and their lengths. For example you have written lengthy article and want to know about the word count you have write, it will become messy to count each and every word in so many paragraphs.

And If you have to take approval of google adsense and rank your website on first page of google you have to write SEO Friendly article with full of information.

Reasons To Use Word Counter For Article

Adding those important information will automatically makes your article long and useful for your website user. Giving importance to provide usefulness to user is must rather than ranking your article by just keyword stuffing.

Also, readability of your article plays major role in ranking your article on first page of google. If you write proper article with enough length will surly attracts users and attraction of users will attracts the google to rank your website on the top.

It is not mandatory that you have to write all the articles very long. Sometimes it happens that you can not answer the question after some extent. In these type of cases you just have to provide only those things in your answer which are asked by people or for which people demands on the internet.

Making article longer without an obvious reasons will impact on the user mind and people loose interest in the website. So proper word count is much important for user retention and improve your overall website user experience.

These are some reasons for which you have to use the word counter to improve your overall length of article.

How To Use Word Counter For Earning?

There are some ways by which you can earn some amount of bucks by using the word counter tool.

Free Lancing

Nowadays so many websites are available on which people give projects to the skilled person and on behalf of the work the user will get paid after completing the project.

So for example you are free lancer and have skill in writing the articles and blogs and online magazines or have interest in covering news articles or providing information via written forms.

There are many companies which provides some amount of payout on counts of words in article. You can simply sign up on those free lancing websites and can write article for them and earn some amount of money.

How To Use Word Counter?

There is no such rocket science for using the word counter tool. You just have to copy and paste the written article in the blank space. The tool will automatically provides the word count and readability score of your article.

Visual Presentation of Word Counter

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