Do This One Thing For 50k Free Instagram Likes

Do This One Thing For 50k Free Instagram Likes

Just one thing and you can get 50k free Instagram likes within 1-2 months of time. In this article we will give you a full road map of how to get popular and free Instagram likes organically.

50k Free Instagram Likes

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms nowadays and many of people wants to become an Instagram influencer and role model for youth in this time. For become a good influencer you have  to creat good and engaging content so people put interest in your content and follows you.

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Priority for getting organic followers. 

One of the most and prior thing for getting organic followers and like is you have to transform your privet Instagram account in open creator account. 

You have to follow this steps to transform your privet account into Creator account 

  • Go to settings section in your account 
  • Then open account settings 
  • Change account settings from privet to open account. 
  • Now get back to settings option. 
  • Scroll down to. Creator account. 
  • Add your credentials and your account is now creator account. 

After converting your account from privet to creator you will get an option of professional dashboard in your home page section. 

Road map of getting organic followers 

There is just one thing is most common in every content creator is consistently they put their efforts on uploading regular content on daily bases. 

Consistency is the key of success, you just have to upload at least two posts daily. One post in morning and one post in evening. 

Whenever you post something on Instagram you have to fix your time according to your followers engagement time. 

First upload post for one week 2 times a day and observe that on which time you are getting views if you upload videos and likes if you upload images as post. 

Try to engage people by uploading reels video on Instagram. 

Formula of getting free 50k likes on Instagram 

In this section we will tell how you can get free 50k likes on Instagram by just applying this formula for one month. After one month you will get free organic likes and followers without much efforts. 

For example you started uploading two videos on daily bases. So during one month you will upload 

2x30= 60 Reels Video on your account. For each video you are using at least 24  professional hashtags in captions. 

Now assume that you are getting around 50 likes on first day, on second day you get 54 likes. So day by day your like ratio is getting increased. Also, Instagram algorithm understands that your account is active on frequent bases and you upload videos on daily bases.

Now after getting recognised by the Instagram algorithm your content will be started getting in explore pages from which you will get thousands of free Instagram likes and followers organically. 

You just have to maintain consistency for 1 month or maximum 2 months, and you will start getting results without much investment.

Tips for uploading content daily 

Many people thinks that they can not have enough time for uploading content or creating content by them self. 

So you can connect your Instagram account with Facebook creator studio, from which you can automatically upload content with much frequency. 

You have to give few hours on Sunday and schedule your whole week content with the help of Facebook creator studios. We will soon write an article about how you can use the creator studio and upload Instagram reels with automation. 


Here we have given an information about how you can get free Instagram likes without investing any kind of money. After getting organic followers you will able to use the monetisation tools of Instagram and can earn money from social media.

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