What Is Nifty 50 And Bank Nifty?

What Is Nifty 50 And Bank Nifty?

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We all know about stock market or share market where so many people makes money and on the other side there are people who also losses their money.

Stock market is the well that can relieve the hunger of whole nation said by the well known person for his fraud case Harshad mehta.

There are so many terms used in the stock market like

  1. BUY
  2. SELL
  3. CALL
  4. PUT
  5. NIFTY
  8. SHARE
  10. TARGET
These are some of the terms that used on the daily bases in the world of share market. There are various categories of shares and the companies listed in the Indian stock market.

There are two share market available in INDIA 

  1. NSE ( National Stock Exchange)
  2. BSE ( Bombay Stock Exchange)

Both are well known and also popular in the world market also. As India has the huge population and growing economy. The world investors has sharp eye on the Indian stock markets.

Today we will learn about the two terms of the stock market

  • NIFTY 50

What Is Nifty 50?

Nifty 50 is one of the index in the National Stock Exchange of India that determines the sum of the TOP 50 companies of Indian share market.

50 number stands for the number of the companies which are included in the Index. 

There are so many people who trades Nifty 50 in The Intraday and one share of nifty contains 50 shares of lot.

It means if you want to buy 1 share of nifty you have to purchase the on lot of 50 shares.

What is the weightage of each companies included in Nifty 50?

The weightage of each company is different in the percentage. Here Is the list of those companies that are included in the Nifty and their weightage in percentage.

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If you want to know more about NIFTY 50 from the official site of National stock exchange you can check this link.

What Is Bank Nifty?

As we have discussed about Nifty 50 in the upper segment of this post. Same bank nifty is the Index of the Top 25 banks that contributes in the stock market most.

Here the on lot of the bank nifty contains 25 numbers of shares. It means that of you want to buy the one share you have to buy the 25 shares of one lot.

What is the weightage of the Bank Nifty ?

Here is the image that contains the information about the weightage of the bank nifty stocks.

Image Credit :- National Stock Exchange

If you want to learn more about the bank nifty in details you can get more Information by checking this link

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