What Is Intraday Trading In Stock Market?

What Is Intraday Trading In Stock Market?

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Stock market is the key of success for many people who invest their money in it wisely and trade the money with full control of mind and patience. But it can be a major downfall for those who just used to gamble their money without any knowledge.

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Today we will learn about some basics about stock market and I will try to explain some terms about Intraday and Delivery Trading.

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What Is Intraday Trading?

Intraday the name it self suggests the term that money you trade within an one day span is called as Intraday trading.

In this type of trading your broker gives you some amount of leverage. In simple term leverage can be defined as borrowing the money from your broker from whom you have opened the demat account.

There are many brokers like Upstocks, Zerodha, Angle Broking, Dhan, etc. They all provides services of demat account.

Indian Market Opens At 9:15 AM and closes at 3:30 PM. Between this time if you trade your money and takes entry in any share and exit within this particular time period then it is called as Intraday trading.

There are many shares available that give returns and people makes money from these types of share and on the other hand there are people who also losses their money.

It is just game of patience, technical analysis and some other co relating factors.

You can also learn the trading via opening demate account in upstocks or any other brokrage app and invest your money wisley and smartly with placing stop loss and target.

Stoploss is very important and key factor in the Intraday trading by which you can limit your loss and can stop your losing money. 

If you are trading intraday and hit your stoploss then you should have to stop trading for that day, you should not go for the overtrading. Sometimes overtrading can exhaust your whole capital and it makes very difficult to recover your loss.

Here we have discussed and give some short information about Intraday trading. This is just basic information and you have to keep in mind that Intraday can make you rich and also it can make to poorer from the poor.

So, first learn and than start investing or trading in stock market. Market will never run from your side if you enter in market very smartly.

But if you just gamble then you have to run from the market in very short period of time and you will get in debt also.

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